Turning points

I intentionally stopped short of today’s word count. I finished up the last scene of the Topaz special episode, which means it’s time to move on to episode 10, the turning point of the series. I have extensive notes for this episode, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at them and I need to convert conflict goals into actual scenes, now that I know more about the story. So tomorrow morning, I’ll touch base with my planning, figure out where I’m headed, and charge ahead. I’m only shy of today’s goal by 200 words anyway, so I refuse to feel guilty.

I failed to get to my sex scene writing yesterday and told myself that I deserved to give myself a break, since I got so much done on NaNo. And yeah, okay, that’s fair, but I can come up with excuses like that all day, every day. So I’m going to finish out tonight by trying 500 words of sexy. I’m dreading it, but oh well. I can fit a little more punishment into the day for myself. Why not?

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