SEA – 414, and congealing

That sounds rather dubious. In fact, I’m referring to plans again; they’re coming together quite nicely. I worked out the shortlist for my first Working Review, a column that will start Wednesday, barring any unforeseen disasters. And I am hammering out a plan for a Sunday column as well: something between, if you will indulge me, a cooking and food section and a collection of stand-alone stories with a shared world. I’m, ah, still working on that idea. Nevertheless, I feel confident enough to say that good things will be starting here in the coming week.

As for SEA, I’m very happy with my words tonight. I introduced my male lead and brutalized him from the first word. I forced him to introduce himself to the reader through the highly unsympathetic eyes of the female lead, who wants nothing to do with him on principle. Her prejudices are presenting themselves in neat ways and I’m going to enjoy writing the next scene between them, when we get to see her through him. I also foreshadowed the beginning of the secondary plot, which I get to start in on tomorrow.

I forgot to mention in the previous posts for SEA, but I’m writing it as part of Holly Lisle’s Write a Book with Me project. The goal is to write in small, hopefully painless chunks, even if it takes a long time to finish. It’s a nice way for me to get back up to speed and it will be very nice when I have to cut back on SEA to participate in NaNoWriMo this November. It feels good to be able to hit my goal every day without difficulty and to not have to flog myself for falling short. I’m saving all my flogging for November.

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