SEA – 267, and scattered energies

Spent the afternoon working on other projects then went out to run errands. By the time I got to SEA this evening, I was feeling burned out. It’s so hard to get myself to work early in the day. I’ve always been a last-minute panic sort of worker. But when the only deadline I have to deal with is one I’ve imposed on myself, it’s so easy to just leave it for another day, especially when it’s the end of the day and I’m tired. Having a work ethic does not come naturally to me. Oh, dear. All I want to do right now is read and listen to something soothing.

On the plus side, I have a new book to read and lots of flower bulbs and vegetable seeds to plant in the coming months.

Published by Joyce Sully

Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real. So she writes stories. Really, what else could she do?