SEA – 164, and more HoC planning

Kept my promise to myself and wrote for SEA first thing this morning. Not a lot of words, but some pretty interesting ones. NK is calling the shots in her own scene. The sentence I wrote for this scene was cryptic from the beginning; then I forgot what I had meant. But instead of fussing with it, I just started writing. And NK came through with some breaking and entering and snooping. I have a vague idea of what she’s after and why, but she’s keeping pretty mum about it.

House of Cats is coming together well. Almost more so than I’m comfortable with. Having said that I specifically did not want to write a novel and serialize it as I go, that’s more or less what I will be doing. I’m working out a schedule for it and plotting it out. I have to give myself very firm guidelines since I won’t be able to backtrack through published pieces if I go astray. I have not yet decided on a length for each section; I may not know for sure until the first one is finished. The first installment will come out September 27 and new parts will come out every other week. According to my current plans, it will take me until June 20, 2010 to complete the story.

I am scaring myself. I have never attempted something this ambitious. Nor have I ever made my work available to readers as it is being written. I feel a bit sick thinking about this. I really love the idea of House of Cats. But the sensible part of me is somewhere in the back of my mind with its claws digging into the carpet, kicking and screaming, certain that I’m going to fall on my face. It might be right. But for the life of me, I can’t find the will to walk away from the idea.

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