NaNoWriMo Planning, Day 4

I printed up a two page wide, three page long spreadsheet of episodes and conflicts. Yeah, I’m just that organized. I put in all my existing information on what conflicts are going to be dealt with when and how. Then I started filling in all the blank squares.

I can see the arc slowing coming together. Some areas flow easily enough, some I have to think long and hard about, and some keep drifting off into, well, I’m not sure what to put here, so I’ll make something unrelated to this conflict happen. Bad, bad writer! Stay focused!

Also, I carved a pumpkin tonight. It’s a spider… sort of. It does have a lovely black widow hourglass mark and eight long, black pipe cleaner legs. So we’ll call it a spider. There is also a gingerbread house to be commandeered for Halloween purposes, if I can find the time. And our front gate decorations are AMAZING! I have to borrow a digital camera and get some pictures of things to show here. Seriously. AMAZING.

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween? Would trade Halloween for Christmas any day? No? Well, now ya know.

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