HoC – 1245, and writing through the night

Again. I’ve ended up way behind on HoC. I’m at the point where the rough draft of a scene consists of straight dialogue. It gets the scene out there and I can fix it later. But it also skews my sense of how long each scene is going to run. I guess that doesn’t matter, but I feel my writing getting looser and looser when I do that. I’m sprawling at this point. Grumble. It can all be fixed later, right?

On the plus side, I got a pretty satisfying scene with a character who has been mentioned since the beginning, but is only showing up now. I think I’m going to have fun with that one.

I need some serious Halloween spirit right now — themed episode, you know. Time for some goth rock, I think. I expect to be up most of the night again. And since I don’t have any pixie stix, loud music will have to be my fuel. Roar!

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