HoC – 1078, and it’s a fine, fine life

Episode 1 of HoC is shaping up nicely. The scene I was working on didn’t work quite the way I expected it to, but it’s good. I’ve got a big section that’s just dialogue and will have to be fixed later, but I got the rough give and take I wanted between Heather and Carlisle. I had planned to let Carlisle give away more details about the state of the House of Cats, but Heather isn’t having any of it. I’m okay with this. Gives me a better chance to set up for the shocks that will come in episode 2. I’m a little over half way through this episode. I’m on track to get it done by Friday at least, which leaves me Saturday to edit.

And as for the fine, fine life: I’ve been listening to the Oliver! soundtrack. I finally got around to ripping it to the computer, so I can listen endlessly without worrying about overheating my disk drive. The music of Oliver! is tied up with all sorts of good memories for me. “It’s a Fine Life” always makes me feel like I can take on the world. Or my word count.

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