Even a break looks like work

I know I’m cutting it close, but I gave myself the day away from the story before settling in to edit. Because I wrote a few scenes out of order, I had to reread sections to orient myself. That means I am getting into the territory wherein none of the scenes make any sense any more and I have no ability to judge what should stay and what should go.

So instead, I gave myself over to Saturday morning cartoons (yes, well, everyone has their weaknesses) and notes on the next large work I want to do after House of Cats. I’m tentatively calling it Off the Market, though I use another title for all my notes. I don’t, or rather can’t, let myself get too involved in it until HoC is finished, but it’s a nice thing to play with when I’m not working on current stuff.

I worked out the rough ideas for a new system of magic to use for the story. And I liked this one idea so much that I went out and built it. It’s a little contraption inspired by the staking of ley lines used in geomancy. I built this version out of the following: heavy paper, a bamboo kitchen skewer, tin foil, a bottle top, a piece of plastic soda bottle, super glue, and adhesive tape. Which is to say, it looks less than impressive, but it was so cool to having something that I could bring to life. I have it overlooking the computer right now. I’d like to build a fancy version out of wood at some point.

Next up is some character development for OtM before bed. But first, I have to wait for the local coverage of the short track finals. I want to see Apolo Ohno win. (I haven’t heard the results yet, so if he didn’t actually win, I remain blissfully ignorant.)

ETA: Bronze instead of gold, but it’s still seven medals to break the US record, plus a fantastic recovery at the last minute. Go Apolo!

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