Daily Snippet, 1-2-12

Nelly laughed, warm and human under all that tech. “Be careful. Last time you took a missing person case, you ended up with a new pet.”

I held up a hand. “Don’t remind me.” When she said “pet,” she meant Pike. In an off-world case I regretted from the moment I took it, I went looking for Thomas Ivory, a captain’s son, who ultimately faked his death to become Pike permanently. He was a body modification fetishist, he had a nanite skin overlay to facilitate frequent appearance changes, and he was screwing my assistant. Oh, and he had invited himself come live with me as either payment or punishment for keeping his secret, depending on which one of us you asked.

from Incognito: The Vertical Street, scene 2

It’s just a little recap of the Episode Zero of the series (NSFW), but I liked it. Plus, it mentioned everyone on the team. Lines that manage to convey that kind of narrative freight are important in these opening scenes, so I can establish the baseline of the world.

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