Working Review: Archetypal Acrobatics, Pt. 3

First, let me talk about what I got in the demonstration then I will say a few words about Breathing Life. My hope was to see how different archetypes could color Heather and maybe figure out which one felt closest to the “real” Heather. She was by no means a blank slate when I started […]

Working Review: Archetypal Acrobatics, Pt. 2

I pared my list of archetypes down to just three, which I saw as being the most wildly divergent while still being plausible. Heather might have elements of Pygmalion in her personality, but they’re not exactly central to her character and I can’t think of a single scene that would let me demonstrate such an […]

Working Review: Wake up at 3 AM

The first book I will be reviewing here is Brian Kiteley’s The 3 A.M. Epiphany. The book includes 201 exercises, plus a great deal of extra material in the chapter introductions, exercise explanations, and appendices of articles. The chapters cover storytelling topics (such as POV, time, description), language topics (your own sentences, other writers’ sentences), […]