The Year of the Move, Pt. 4

So. I’m a little less poor and a little less plump and a little less rested, and I’m alive. I’ve recalibrated my scale of suffering. I’ve officially lost the only home I’ve ever had. More of my belongings are in storage than are with me. I have a dwelling, but not a home. Where the […]

Wonder on a Budget: Picking Fruit

This is the discussion thread for the Picking Fruit issue of my newsletter, Wonder on a Budget. You can sign up here to get the issues, too. What is your favorite source for fresh produce? Have you made any attempts, successful or otherwise, at growing your own food? What stands out in your mind as the most […]

Flash Fiction: Beta Testers

Thank you again to everyone who helped me with my comment issue here. I’ve written some flash fiction as a reward. It’s set in the world of Incognito, a romance/mystery story I wrote a few years ago. Warning: the original story has NSFW content (m/m sexual content), but you don’t need to read it to […]