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March Wildflowers

I visited the Santa Margarita Wildflower Festival, a small to-do in a semi-local town. I’ve now got several packets of California-native flower seeds, which will be lovely additions to the existing collection on the property. Thus inspired, I took a few photos of what’s blooming at home right now. (Click to embiggen.)

California Poppy

California poppies

Red Stemmed Filaree (an invasive non-native species, actually, but their seeds form spirals, and the green seed pods can be made into a pair of scissors for one’s pointless amusement, so I’m fond of them)

Red Stemmed Filaree

Freesia (okay, it’s not a wildflower, but it was blooming in the backyard when I went to head inside, so it got included)

purple freesia bloom

Bonus points to me for remembering this time: camera settings! They’re a thing that exists! So I futzed about with my f-stops to get more interesting results in my depth of field. I’m so rusty at doing Proper Photography ™, but I got some decent shots this time, yeah?

Butterflies for My Birthday

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. (More on that later, probably.) To celebrate, Mum and I went to the Pismo Beach monarch butterfly grove.

I enjoyed taking a ludicrous number of photos: well over 100 shots. (Not counting the full roll of film Mum took as well; gotta wait to have that developed.) A lot of them turned out mediocre. I don’t have a long lens for my camera, so it just flat couldn’t get close enough at times. Also I, uh, forgot to switch to the action setting when I really could have used it, so I’ve got some lovely blurs of butterflies in flight.

Here are a few of the best shots! (Click to embiggen.)

monarch2016-01 monarch2016-02 monarch2016-03

And one blooper:


The Year of the Move, +1

One year ago, I bought my first house. After a lot of changes for the worse, it was my change for the better. To celebrate my house-iversary, I’ve got a little tour to show off what was once a disaster and is now my very own ideal safe place.

(Apologies in advance for the less than pristine video quality. Tablets as video cameras: handy but imperfect.)

The Year of the Move: 1, 2, 3, 4, and bonus.

The Year of the Move, Bonus!

I’ll do a nice long post about fixing the place up later, once work on the house has been done. BUT! I can’t resist sharing some photos of the work that’s already happened. (Click to embiggen.)

We put in a pad of compacted road base and decomposed granite for the horses. The soil here is great, but it turns into sucking, sticky mud when wet, so good footing for them was a must. Once that was put in, my father and I built (half of the) corrals for them. I can NO LONGER FEEL MY ARMS, but the corrals are lovely. Witness:

Pipe corrals standing empty
Without ponies!
Pipe corrals occupied by horses
With ponies!







Also, it rained for my birthday. (For those with a less enthusiastic attitude toward rain, know that I consider this the best possible thing.) This is a bit of my front yard, with my newly-adopted, might-be-apricot tree, in the first rain of the year.

Winter fruit tree in light rain with hills
Be glad you can’t see the miscellaneous rubbish embedded in the driveway there–it would ruin the romance of the moment.

And finally, the first sunset from my new home. (Shut up, I don’t care if it’s maudlin and silly, it’s miiiiine!)

Sunset over a tiny town and trees in darkness
I’m a sap and I don’t care!