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@#$%^ Technical Difficulties

Just discovered that the bonus page for mailing list subscribers (*waves*) is…broken? But only sometimes? How long has it been like that? WHO KNOWS?! Why is it like that? EXCELLENT QUESTION!

So. Had to code a new page of html (rather than using a WordPress page) and do the password protection through the main site controls. Which, incidentally, requires me to set up a username as well. So now the link AND the login will be different.

*runs screaming into the distance*

Those of you on the mailing list will be getting the new login details in an upcoming email. I have corrected the information in the message for new members. I have tested it and found it to be working. I have sobbed into my keyboard.

I’ll keep the old page up for those who have bookmarked it, with a redirect to the proper place.

I didn’t know I was signing up to be a web admin when I started telling stories. I might have reconsidered, had I known.

I’m really, really sorry, people. I swear, I’m doing my best.



Announcement: January Schedule

Here’s the deal:

I’ve got a new house. I’ve got a shit ton of belongings to move into said house. Except for the part where the house needs major repair work and everything has to go into storage containers instead, which are being delivered this week. Short version? I’m going to be taking care of the place while things get moved up and work is done.

I will not have internet access, except on occasions when someone else is there to relieve me and I can run into the public library. I’ll get rotated back to the current place periodically, mostly because a large part of that shit ton of belongings is, uh, mine. I’ll have internet then as well. This situation will continue until sometime in February, at least, but I should get more frequent access as time goes on.

I’ve got some posts queued up here and on my Tumblr. I will not really be here though. So if you’ve never commented before and your comment goes to moderation, please be patient. I promise I will get to it and any other messages sent to me. It’ll just take a little while. If anything weird happens, technologically or socially, I’ll get to that too. Just, you know, don’t burn the house down in my absence.

ETA 1/22: Got a couple hours of shore leave. Too bad I’m too exhausted from unloading three trailers full of pipe fencing and equipment to really enjoy it. Hitting up the library for internet–not going especially well, but it’s better than nothing. Might be back here Saturday, otherwise, next week. The night sky here has so many stars, it doesn’t even look real.

ETA 1/28: Internet is barely a thing, even at the library. I could cry. Will have normal access starting 1/31, but only for a few days. My gods, moving is awful. I miss you all terribly.

ETA 1/30: At the old place. Internet, yes! Doesn’t feel like home now, though, so bleh. Have found cafe with internet closer to home, will take up residence. Photos of new home forthcoming!

ETA 2/15: I am officially moved out of the old place! There is much rejoicing! Though still not enough sleeping. My new internet service is supposed to start next week, so I should be back to normal access soon. I am working, in between the EVERYTHING ELSE, on stories for the first Team Hotel collection. I won’t promise a publication date because I’ll just make a liar of myself, but I’m getting there!

ETA 2/20:


*insert angelic choirs*

In other words: Hi, kids. Didja miss me?

Possible comment errors? [RESOLVED]

It has come to my attention that there may be a problem for people submitting comments to the site here. I haven’t found existing documentation for the error message being sent. Lucky me, I may be found an exciting new flaw in some plugin. Or it may not be an issue on my end at all. I won’t know unless I get a little more information from you.

Have you left comments previously? Have you tried and gotten an error message of any kind? Are you able to leave comments now? If you have or had issues commenting, could you let me know? You can contact

admin [at] joycesully.com

to report issues. (Forgive the formatting on that email–trying to avoid leaving out spam bait. Just replace the [at] with @ as usual.) Or, you know, leave a comment–if you can.

Thanks for helping me sort this out.


ETA: Thank you so much to everyone who emailed, commented, and responded to the forum thread. My host, Tigertech (good god, they are the best, fifteen minute response to my support request), found the issue was with the anti-spam plugin I was running. It now appears to be resolved.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me out here. What I can do is give you all a little story as a reward. There is now a flash story here as my thank-you.

Last-minute Preparations

No blog post this week. I’m mentally gearing up for the A to Z Challenge. My initial idea sort of…fizzled on me. Which is to say, the posts I was getting were fit for nothing more than insomnia cures.

So! Free fiction instead. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for SSBB (and holy crap, almost two years since House of Cats ended?!), so I thought some short fiction was in order. I’ll post my self-imposed rules later this week, explaining what I’m doing within the challenge. Please look forward to it.

A whole new country

Yelp! So, I’ve been doing site┬ámaintenance┬átoday. Everything that was on joycesully.wordpress.com is now over here.

BUT. Any links within posts that refer to other posts will still point back to the old blog. The old blog is not going anywhere. It will just mirror this one. So if you are new to any of my work, like House of Cats, please don’t be alarmed when links to previous or future parts take you to a different site with a different layout. It’s all me. I’ll work on getting all that updated, but as long as everything is somewhere, it’s not a big priority.