Have a hug and story before bed!

(Cross-posted from Tumblr) Refocus The empty hallway outside rooms fifteen through nineteen echoed with Pam’s controlled breathing. Kylie made sure to let her sandals flap against the thin carpet and announce her presence before speaking. “Listen, mate, we all pay a price for this life.” Pam laughed, the sound bleak. Her fingers fluttered to the […]

“Maintenance Work,” a Team Hotel story

Inspired by the prompt here: “Autumn means letting go. Winter means holding on to what’s left.” This is part of the November Creative Jam over on the Crowdfunded Creativity community. The theme is seasonal changes. My story is part of the Team Hotel ‘verse. When Kylie’s prosthetic arm gets damaged, she must choose between doing […]

Flash Fiction: Beta Testers

Thank you again to everyone who helped me with my comment issue here. I’ve written some flash fiction as a reward. It’s set in the world of Incognito, a romance/mystery story I wrote a few years ago. Warning: the original story has NSFW content (m/m sexual content), but you don’t need to read it to […]