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Happy Birthday To Me

Sooo~~~ Friday was my birthday! In the past two weeks, I have gone to both the theater (the live kind) and the beach (the windy and hermit crabby kind). That’s my excuse for missing two (!!!) weeks of update videos. I’m really sorry! I have just flat not had time to record anything.

My birthday gift to me, though, was…work? Exciting work things, anyway. I sent out a short story today! It was a bit stressful–it’s been something like 4+ years since I sent out a submission, as opposed to just publishing things myself. I’m still riding out the “oh no, what if I forgot to remove some of my notes to myself???” second-guessing. I’ll keep you updated on it, whether I get in or not. *fingers crossed*

I’ll get back on track with the videos. In the meantime, that’s what I’ve been up to. Now I’m off to enjoy some leftover birthday pie. (Lemon!)

Because revisions

…were the only things that had any hope of getting done, that’s what I’m doing. I keep running into walls, particularly with Incognito. Every time I do, I think, oh, well, I’ll work on something else for a while and let that one stew. Which is fine–I think the path of least resistance is an underrated option–but I got fed up with never finishing anything.

So now I’m editing one of last year’s NaNoWriMo stories. This is a little bit of avoidance, changing projects again, but I like revisions and I have a better track record for slowly plugging away with them than I do with first drafts.

Part of this is that I really, really want–NEED–to get something finished, edited, and self-published. I could really use even the most meager of income streams right now. Not just for the money itself, which I fully recognize is not going to be a life-altering amount any time soon. No, what I need is the psychological boost of accomplishing a goal and the sense of even a little security and self-sufficiency. I don’t have either at the moment.

That’s where I am and why it’s been quiet here (along with being seriously ill for a couple weeks). At some point, I’d like to write about Anime Expo, which I went to at the start of July. For now, uh, I’m just really grateful that I’m getting something done each day.

JH – 70k and counting

I’ve gotten into something of a slump. I hit 50k for NaNoWriMo on the 19th; this was the first time I finished before the final day and I did it by a wide margin. But now I’m having trouble keeping up with my daily goals beyond that. The impending deadline doom has gone and I’m back to my usual feeling that as long as the book gets written eventually, it doesn’t matter if it’s not today.

Not good.

The worst part is that I keep having ideas. New, shiny ideas that, while jotted down in my running file of new, shiny ideas, will not let go of my brain. And with my interest already flagging in JH, all I want to do is be finished so I can start planning those new stories. That and start reading fiction again. I’ve been on a book-buying spree and while part of it is the good holiday deals available, most of it is a way of coping with my serious withdrawal. I’m banned from reading fiction while actively writing anything more than a short story, on the grounds that it messes with my voice. But hells, I need to read.

Barring some friendly brownies finally taking up residence with me and writing the next three chapters, the only way to get to THE END and all the rewards and freedoms that come with it is to write to it one word at a time.  Time to dig deep and find one more reservoir of stamina. Just 35 scenes left.

50k and JH in haiku

Yep, JH is now over 50k, halfway through my projected length. That is a little over where I would like it to be, only because the next scene is my midpoint, so I’m running a bit long. That’s okay. I have finally reached that point of zen acceptance of anything I write. It will all get fixed when I edit. So, scene that consists of nothing but dialogue and scene that is 500 words too long, I am unperturbed by you. You cannot defeat me. I am too cool to notice you.

On the NaNoWriMo forums, I’ve started watching the Suck Haiku thread, where we condense our fictional failings into seventeen syllables. I used to write haiku often, if poorly. I have even, when I studied Japanese in college, attempted, if very poorly, to write it in its native language. So, in the NaNoWriMo spirit of doing foolish things before an audience, I present:

Jackrabbit House Haiku

Hanite builds beasties,
morals make her work harder,
now I must as well.

The Jackrabbit House,
a story named for Rivem:
she needs to speak more.

Lonet hates being poor
but loves her city too much;
loyalty can kill.

What we do for love:
Oakshiver will marry up
for fame and parties.

Bear got tamed, brought home,
made a scene and won a war–
feral life was fine.

Ebrit and Tonlit:
love the way it should be done
meets its end too soon.

And finally, a little nonfiction:

Needed a new view:
three scenes written in a barn,
mice offer no help.

JH @ 26k words and a light in the sky

Yep, JH is already up to 26,134 words–keeping in mind that this is not my NaNo word count (see graphic at right; support your local NaNo Rebel!), but the cumulative word count for the novel. I’ve been plotting in little chunks by working out the general idea of each scene, one chapter at a time, and then writing a detailed guide to the scenes I will write each day. I’ve just gotten into the territory where my existing notes consist of nothing more than notations of which subplot will get how many scenes in the chapter, interspersed with the occasional plot touch point previously marked out. In a week or two, I’ll move into the even more exciting area after my midpoint, where those plot touch points are all I have. I will admit to being totally intimidated by that, but in the spirit of NaNo, I will plunge on ahead bravely. Or foolishly. You decide.

In other news, I’m out near the Santa Monica mountain range right now and, at or around 7:25 pm, I saw a bright light in the sky. (ETA: Make that last night, because my internet sucks and this post was delayed.) My family all saw it as well. It was comet-shaped (think flaming teardrop), bright orange, and had a smoke tail behind it. I looked at it with binoculars, but I could not make out any details. It faded steadily, ember-like, as it moved south-southeast. But, just before it disappeared behind the trees on the ridgeline, it flared briefly, as though something more on it had ignited.

I’ve been listening to local radio and watching the news, but no one has said anything. I even searched on Twitter to see if someone else had sighted this odd fireball. I’m guessing it was, sadly, some type of plane, with a second engine or fuel tank catching fire to produce that last flare I saw. I was rather hoping it was a UFO. So far, my aunt is the first person I know personally to have some kind of UFO sighting. I think it would be terribly exciting to see one. Still, a plane seems more likely.

The search for an answer did make me realize how, well, out of touch most of our news seems to be. I ran the gamut of sources, starting with radio, then television, then internet for newspaper and television sites, then Twitter for amateur reporting. With all these resources, shouldn’t we be able to get answers faster?

Part of me (not the part that wants to live on an island or in a cave for maximum solitude) longs for the science fictional world where we can create a video capture of anything we see and upload it from our technology-enhanced brains to the net for near instantaneous communication with the digital world. I long for a world where I could stand outside, watching an unknown object in the sky, and immediately record what I’m seeing, get satellite images of it, check news reports, make news reports, and generally plug in to the world around me.

Part of me (possibly the part that does want to live on an island/in a cave) is content to look up and wonder.