3621 words in one day!

Take that, word count! Deficit gone, story on track, ready to tackle the mid-season turning point. Oh, yeah, I win. And I am two scenes away from finishing an awesome special episode, Topaz-flavored. Very cool to write, neat little surprises for me, some delicious foreshadowing. Completely worth the part where I spent the day chained […]

I’m not really shirking!

Well, okay, let’s be honest. I totally am. It partly fell into quality of life shirking, however. In this case, getting some sunlight after two weeks, playing with my much-neglected dog, and taking a nap. It also fell into the ooh, shiny! category, as the first scene of Holly Lisle’s TalysMana just when live and […]

Other People’s Brilliance…

…always inspires me to do more. Holly Lisle just posted an announcement about her next project, a collaboration between her writing and her daughter’s jewelry making. It sounds incredibly cool from the perspective of a potential reader and buyer of unique jewelry (one of my many financially prohibited interests). But from the perspective of a […]