Working Review: Our Daily Toast

This time, I am headed over to Toasted Cheese, which is a literary journal, writers’ forum, and writing prompt provider. They have a fantastic monthly calendar, which provides prompts for each day. March particularly impressed me because every Saturday was a genre challenge and anyone who encourages writers to experiment with many genres deserves a […]

Divine Revelation

I was in the bookstore today, browsing the writing reference section, from which I have been rightly banned by my loved ones who keep having to lend me money for books, when I came across Illustrating Children’s Picture Books. The first page I opened to was a case study on Elusive Moose, illustrated by Clare […]

Other People’s Brilliance…

…always inspires me to do more. Holly Lisle just posted an announcement about her next project, a collaboration between her writing and her daughter’s jewelry making. It sounds incredibly cool from the perspective of a potential reader and buyer of unique jewelry (one of my many financially prohibited interests). But from the perspective of a […]