Happy Holidays!

Happy late Yule. Merry Christmas. Belated Hanukkah. Early Kwanzaa. Whatever your inclination, however you celebrate to ward off the bite of winter, I wish you the best. May you and your families have warmth and food and more than a few presents. I wish you loving company and good feelings. It’s been a rough year […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those in America and those with a preternaturally strong affection for roast turkey and a variety of sides, I wish you a day of good feasting. I wish you food comas and backyard football games and houses full to bursting with people who only make you moderately, and pleasantly, crazy. If Thanksgiving does not […]

Happy Halloween!

For those of you who celebrate Halloween: go forth and wear costumes, frighten old ladies and small dogs, and eat much candy. For those of you who do not celebrate Halloween: do it anyway. Seriously, get out there, be scary. Howl at the moon. Threaten to bite and/or eat the brains of your loved ones. […]