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New Book: Local Forecast

So, this is sort of a weird and unexpected development. The story I sent out back in January didn’t make the cut for the magazine. (At this point, I’m using this story to take a break from the stories I’m using as a break from…You know what? Forget it. I’m just doing this thing right now, and then I’ll do something else. It’s too confusing otherwise.)

While I’m disappointed that the story didn’t make it in–I had been looking forward to working with this particular editor–I’m not unhappy with the story. It has space whales. I mean, that’s the best way to describe something very large in open space, making unusual noises and encountering unwary ships.

Rather than send it out for another round, I shined it up and I’m publishing it myself. It should be out next week; I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, wanna see?


When investigating a disturbance in unexplored, unclaimed space, a desensitized space miner discovers something very live and very large that might doom her…or save her from another unseen threat.

Space whale. I told you this singing comet story would end up doing something to my brain. It’s not mermaids, but close enough.

New Book: Robot Daughter

Holy crap! Yes! Okay, super excited to announce…I’m self-publishing a book for the first time. As in, it will be available for sale and there will be pages with words and numbers and a cover on the front.

A cover!

Robot Daughter and Other Stories
Robot Daughter and Other Stories

What if you could have the body of your dreams? What if you ended up with the body of someone else’s dreams? What if you had to walk away from everything you knew just to make it to tomorrow?

In ROBOT DAUGHTER, seven people find ways to make it to that tomorrow in a world where high-tech avatars offer an alternative to human bodies, but there is always a price to pay.

ROBOT DAUGHTER is a One Afternoon Adventure, running about 3500 words, and consists of flash fiction stories from a single world.

I am embarrassingly excited about this. It is tentatively scheduled to come out the middle of September, but there is still so much work to do before then, all of it things I’ve never done before. So, uh, I might be overly ambitious with that release date. On the other hand! I might get done sooner than I expect. Look, I can hope, right?

ETA: I can, indeed, hope! The book releases August 14, 2013. It’s official, you can hold me to it, no kidding. I will throw some kind of live tweet internet party over on Twitter when it happens. Mark your calendar, save the date, get your $0.99 ready.