Prompt: keening;┬ádream land The worst part was finding a portal among all ofLydia’s blasted dolls. Bernice could not afford to be seen using a portal out in the open and the only safe one she could track down ended up hiding under a pile of porcelain limbs and lace-ruffled skirts. The major ones out in […]


Prompt: jacking; robo family As Shelley kicked off her shoes and tossed down her backpack, she heard her mother call out, “Welcome home. Don’t forget to tell your brother about your day. Oh, shoot, I have to find something for dinner.” The shout trailed off into muttering has her mother got lost in her thoughts […]


Prompt: infatuate; really 700 years old The centuries-old desk/chair combo threatened to break, tip over, or both when Eddie flung himself into it. “I have the most pathetic life ever,” he muttered. In the next desk over,┬áCarson looked up from the elaborate ballpoint tattoo he had spent the day creating on his left arm. “Tell […]