Meet the Cast of HoC

Only the feline characters are currently included on this page. The humans will have to wait their turn. There are six cats who are central to life in the House of Cats.

Heather is the daughter of a Queen, the hereditary guardians of the House of Cats. But Heather had a dream of being a professional chef and she ran away from home. Now she lives as a human six days a week, but her dreams did not turn out quite how she imagined.

Rune is the top tom of the House of Cats. Once he was a fierce fighter and strong leader. But something in his past has broken his spirit. These days, he suppresses his human form through drugs and terrorizes the House with his darkly paranoid moods.

Carlisle knows all the rules of the House of Cats and dedicates all his energy to keeping the House running smoothly. He had a rebellious youth, but with Heather gone, someone had to maintain order. And Carlisle has never found anything he loves more than order.

Topaz came to the House looking for his half-brother. He found Rune instead. Now he is determined to save Rune from his addiction. But Rune is not likely to accept his help and Topaz’s rule-breaking is getting him all the wrong kinds of attention.

Mysterium is a beauty queen and wants every tom to know it. Though her show days are long behind her, Mysti never met a spotlight she did not like. She has an ulterior motive for moving to the House of Cats, though, and she does not mind breaking a few hearts to get what she wants.

Dopple has it rough. She was a pet store kitten who got de-clawed. Now the only safe haven for a cat who shifts but cannot hunt is the House of Cats, where no one goes hungry or gets left alone. She is in the good graces of Rune, does a job no one else can, and has friends to watch her back. But Heather’s arrival might take all that away from her.

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