The Year of the Move, +1

One year ago, I bought my first house. After a lot of changes for the worse, it was my change for the better. To celebrate my house-iversary, I’ve got a little tour to show off what was once a disaster and is now my very own ideal safe place.

(Apologies in advance for the less than pristine video quality. Tablets as video cameras: handy but imperfect.)

The Year of the Move: 1, 2, 3, 4, and bonus.

Published by Joyce Sully

Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real. So she writes stories. Really, what else could she do?

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  1. I understand this so well…and I’m cheering for you, for having your safe space, for creating it yourself, and for making it wonderful.

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