Various Things – 2414, and never doing what needs doing

1455 words to finish off this week’s Working Review and 959 words of character development for HoC. There might have been some other things in there. I can’t really remember. I’m feeling increasingly foul this evening for unknown reasons. I wanted to start writing Episode 1 of HoC tonight, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I spent several hours this afternoon checking out the Best Friends Network adoption page and finding cats that look like the characters of HoC. I planned to put together a page of little character blurbs. Which I did get done. But I ended up not posting the version with the photos. I psyched myself out about copyright issues and stepping on toes, despite the very nice little introduction I wrote for the page about how fabulous Best Friends is (it’s true, you know). I did all this instead of writing actual fiction. So I have retroactively rendered my afternoon pointless, which just makes me cranky.

My dog keeps getting sick in the evening. I keep getting sick in the evening. There’s something wrong with the pump for our well (or the well has run dry, which doesn’t even bear thinking about), so we have to ration water until the repairman makes it out here. I want a shower more than life itself and can’t have one. I am officially no longer having fun.

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