The End is Seriously Nigh

This is it, kids. House of Cats is less than a week away from being completely written. The rough draft of #19 is finished and I’ll be writing #20 over what remains of the long weekend. Monday, I’ll write the June working review. Then Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll edit both episodes together.

It was essential to me that I write both parts (indeed, I will be subjecting you to a two-part finale) at the same time and have them finished before #19 went up. I’m all out of wiggle room, so I want to know that when I commit to what happens in #19, I won’t have written myself into a corner for #20.

The scenes are coming slower these days and I think I know why. Each one brings me, word by word, closer to the end of this project. And I’m not quite ready to let go. I hope that writing the ending will get me there. If I get the ending right, I imagine that part of me that is holding on tight will relax, satisfied that I gave the story an ending befitting ten months of work.

I may be getting  a treadmill tomorrow. I’m sort of excited, which is rather pathetic. In grade school, my best friend’s parents had a treadmill in the family room where we played computer games. I thought the thing was fascinating, but we weren’t allowed to use it.

Thing is, Joyce here needs to get in better shape (and stop referring to herself in the third person). So tomorrow I’m going to see what kind of treadmill I can get for a reasonable amount of money. Hint: it won’t involve any $1,500 Bowflex job like I found on I feel a little foolish getting one at all, seeing as I have an abundance of land on which to walk. But I also have an abundance of self-conscious discomfort, so the perk of being able to walk in my own tiny home is a big deal to me.

I’m currently collecting various recommendations for books to read. The list is getting rather long and I need to make an effort to get as many as possible at the library, at least until I know if I like a particular book. Yes, I’m cheap. But I also go out and buy copies of books I enjoy. And then I tend to buy everything else the author has ever written. Hey, I know how it goes; I’ll do my part to support the community. I just also have to keep the book addiction under control.

Speaking of books, I’ve not heard anything more from Goodreads on the status of Tiny Charms. I’m pretty much ready to give it up as lost. Which narks me off. But it does mean that I need to start thinking about what I’m going to do now. I’m inclined to start up a new section for book reviews here. But that’s going to have to wait until at least July, when I’ve had a chance to get my schedule under control again. June is threatening to eat me alive.

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