The coolness – initial thoughts

The short version of today is: MY GOD, THE AWESOME. The long version is… going to have to wait for later. I’m tired and it’s rather cold in my room, so my fingers are all stiff. And I’m having weird problems with my internet connection, which may go out at any moment, for all I know.

Suffice to say, Crispin’s seminar was very, very interesting. I am even more inspired to try out an idea I’ve been tinkering with. I’d like to try it as a short story then expand it into a bigger project if it works well. But I’m keeping that under wraps for the moment. I also have new cute goodies from Giant Robot, including my very own Ugly Doll, a cute, black Ugly Dog. Yes, I am still ten years old and love my plush toys. Quiet. And tasty Japanese snacks were obtained, since a grocery store was right across the street.

But the weekend is over and it’s back to the salt mines. I have to plow through a lot of writing in the next few days. I’ll do a write up on the seminar as soon as I can catch my breath.

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