So, I lied

I didn’t get any work done today. Instead, I went to see the movie 9. Okay, so that doesn’t account for my entire day… But then there were errands to do. And I baked cookies. Oh, peanut butter cookies with bite-sized Snickers bars inside. Holy hell, they are tasty.

I also wasted most of the evening trying to make my own cute little stitchpunk dolls. Here’s the thing: I can sew okay and I can design projects okay. What I can’t do is make the thing I end up with match the thing I envisioned. So that idea failed massively.

(Slight spoilers about the movie to follow. Very slight.)

As for 9, I thought it was quite charming. I found it less predictable than I had expected. I had anticipated a happier ending than what they gave me, so I walked out feeling a little disappointed. But the end grew on me as I thought about it. It was hopeful without being maudlin and they didn’t cheat to get it. It wasn’t one of those endings that renders meaningless all the struggle and sacrifice that came before, so that was good.

Of course, the visuals were amazing. America always seems to pitch animated films as children’s movies. Though the post-apocalyptic setting undercut that, I still was unsure what I would end up with. But there was a pleasant quantity of fights and explosions and scary things leaping out of dark corners.

The characters are all really endearing. The twins, 3 and 4, were my favorites. Big surprise: I liked the shy, eccentric bookworms/historians. The detail in the animation is impressive. I really want merchandise from this movie. A pair of little 3/4 dolls would be great.

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Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real. So she writes stories. Really, what else could she do?