Smile through the pain

That toothache I complained of has resulted in a joyous sharing experience. Specifically, I have shared one of my wisdom teeth with three separate dentists, who have in turn shared with me friendly chatter and exciting drugs. I’m not sure which one of us got the short end of the stick, but the hole in my head and the nightmares about lost teeth that I will no doubt suffer suggest that I might be the substantial loser. On the other hand, even with a tooth gone and a temporary diet of soup and chocolate shakes (which I in no way regret), I am in no pain at all even without pills. After almost two weeks of steadily increasing agony, the lack of pain pretty much outweighs everything else.

I hope to post pictures tomorrow of what I have been working on. Because really, the world needs to see Squidly. He is plush and spotted and has little pink suckers on his tentacles. Honest. This is what I do with my time when recovering from tooth extraction. Right now, I’m experimenting with a lot of different materials and methods for making plush creatures. I am increasingly committed to the idea of combining my writing with my stitch-witchery, as indicated by the new category and tag added. There is a good possibility that House of Cats plush figures¬†will be forthcoming. There can be no bad.

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday. I plan to be busy shopping with her. And sewing. Always sewing. I’ve really got to get back to that whole writing thing sometime soon though. Science fiction anthologies are calling to me.

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