Shabby Crap

It’s hard to update a blog that doesn’t exist. Like, oh, say, my blog, which has disappeared for reasons unknown. I anticipate an exciting discussion with the people in power over there when they get my message. I doubt my security has been compromised, as all other aspects of my account remain unaltered and I have access to it. And my little book review blog could hardly have generated anything that could be deemed a violation of any TOS.

So that leaves a bug, which would be a good thing if it didn’t make me think that all my entries might be lost. Which makes me really quite sad. I know I don’t maintain blogs all that well, I know Tiny Charms wasn’t anything spectacular, but I had grown rather accustomed to it. The prospect of six months of work disappearing does not fill me with joy.

In other news, I am trying to decide my plans for the next couple months. The anthologies due in the middle of May (this weekend, I will remind you) are just not going to happen, which is unfortunate. But now I’m looking to June and July in the hopes that I can get the drop on some of the projects coming up then.

It is also my sincere hope that I can finish writing the remaining HoC episodes by the end of May. I am determined to write the last two episodes and edit them together, rather than the usual strategy of completing and posting one before moving on to the next. I have no margin for error at this point and this is the ending. If I commit to something in the penultimate episode, then decide I want to do something different to get the ending this story needs, I won’t have that option any longer. So. Two and a half weeks of intensive work should bring me to the end of this vast project.

Finally, the prompt for the June/July issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang has been released and I am chomping at the bit to get started on it. I am working an existing idea into the prompt, which will be easy enough, though I had every intention of just going off theme if necessary to write this story. Perhaps once I finish writing HoC and have time to really get started on this, I will post some teaser material. Like the title. Which makes me smile every time I think of it. It’s a winner. I kind of wish I could spend the rest of my life writing stories that can go with this title, because I find it just that charming.

I’ll be thinking of it and consoling myself while I wait to find out where the heck Tiny Charms went.

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