Return of the Con

(So, I’m just going to pretend that I haven’t been absent from here for six months and plan on talking about what I’ve been doing later.)

Anime Expo 2011 starts tomorrow and I am once again an attendee. I hadn’t realized just how much I missed it when I skipped last year to go to Comic-Con instead. I’m not cosplaying, mostly because my idea for a Katamari costume hit some technical snags, i.e. how do I sit if my body is a big round Katamari with cousins stuck to it? But I did make a cute bag, just so I would have something homemade to adorn myself with.


Homemade Bag

SERPENTS do it for the knowledge

The design and text are taken from the t-shirt of a background character in my story, ApoC. It was con-themed, at least in my mind, and I think it’s cute, so I turned it into a bag. I used an old white button-down shirt for the body of the bag, which worked out better than I could have hoped. The snake and apple are felt appliqué; the lettering is embroidered, then felted to fill in the outlines. It took me four days of light to moderate work. It’s not strong enough to do any heavy-duty carrying; that will be left to one of my combat-level backpacks. I’m just going to use it to carry programs and schedules and such.

I’ll check in again with post-con commentary. They have a new Anime and Manga Symposium, with papers being presented and keynote speakers, so I’m planning to go at least Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to catch all of it. Fan academia, here I come!

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