NaNoWriMo Planning, Day 5

I slacked off today. I’ve got enough material planned out and there’s only so far into the story that I feel I can plan without seeing what comes before. Organized though I may be, this is not a paint-by-numbers story by any means. I’ll need to touch base with my planning as I write each episode. And, of course, I’ll need to be editing as I go as well (oh, yet another NaNoWriMo rule broken!) so that I can post. All the episodes will still go up on time.

This weekend is the last horse show of the year for us. All I can say is good riddance. I am looking forward to a hopefully long and rainy winter of no shows. And I managed to find one of my (many) sets of vampire fangs. I’ve got the nice ones where you make the molding yourself, so they fit really well. The show tomorrow is having costume contests and such. I won’t be wearing anything that exciting, but come on, it’s HALLOWEEN! I can’t spend the whole day just looking normal. And I decided that my skull face paint plan was going to be more than I could bear while working.

Just one more day until NaNo kicks off!

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