Migraines: Only Attractive on Paper

Thought I would link you to this little infographic on migraines, because dear gods, my head.

It’s only been for the past few years that I’ve started getting migraines. The first time it happened, I genuinely didn’t believe it was a migraine. Yes, fine, I needed dark glasses and earplugs to be able to tolerate lying still in a dark room. Yes, my head hurt in ways that recalibrated all my pain scales. But I still, in the early moments of it hitting, tried to go outside and function like a human being. I was wrong. About everything. Ever. Ow.

Right now, I don’t in fact have a migraine. I wouldn’t be typing, or looking at a backlit screen, or sitting upright if I did. What I have is three days of fluctuating pain and a creeping sense of doom. If I’m lucky, I can watch what I eat (salt seems to be a thing?), ice my head and neck, and rest, and a few days of feeling awful will be as bad as it gets. If I’m not lucky? Well, migraines aren’t actually fatal, but I’ll wish they were.

I don’t get these often, but if I did, I would seriously want to try this treatment. Hell, I’m tempted to hook my earlobes up to a nine volt (or a car battery) to see if that helps now.

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