HoC – 606

I wanted to get more, if for no other reason than to keep on track for editing. But it got late and I finished the scene I was in and I just couldn’t find any more words.

I bought books yesterday. I need new books like I need holes in my head. But I had a coupon. I can’t resist the pull of a coupon. So I have the Essential Ellison and Year’s Best Science Fiction #26. I had my eye on the Harlan Ellison for a while. I’m actually not familiar with his work (thereby I reveal myself to be hopelessly ill-read), but several of the authors that I love have mentioned him as being formative in their lives. So I went out and bought the biggest book of him I could find. I do nothing by half-measures, hm? The Year’s Best was an impulse buy. I wanted an anthology of something; I wanted to read lots of little things from lots of people. I was actually trying to find an anthology that Neil Gaiman was in from about 2002, I think, but, chain bookstores being what they are, it was not available.

For my birthday, I’m going to go to Mysterious Galaxy and buy my household’s collective body weight in books.

Including the horses.

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