HoC – 1454 and counting

That’s over the past two days. I’m not done for the day, but I wanted to post something. I fell asleep this afternoon, so I anticipate staying up quite late. That’s just as well, as I can’t afford to slack off right now. As soon as I get this episode up, I can dedicate some time to planning for NaNoWriMo. And once I do that, I can plan the next few HoC episodes. This is the last one that I have all planned out between now and the midpoint.

In other news, the meteor shower was a total disappointment. I have yet to see a single shooting star. I am quite annoyed. I even camped out in my car to watch for them all Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Which was an experience I can go a good long while before repeating. My car is comfy, but not that comfy.

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