Happy Thanksgiving!

For those in America and those with a preternaturally strong affection for roast turkey and a variety of sides, I wish you a day of good feasting. I wish you food comas and backyard football games and houses full to bursting with people who only make you moderately, and pleasantly, crazy. If Thanksgiving does not come to where you live, I wish you all this as well. I also send warm holiday wishes to anyone, American or not, who is deployed overseas and is separated from all that is near and dear as the holiday season approaches.

Cats may not say thank you, but I can. So thank you to all the people who have taken the time to follow my blog and read House of Cats. Thank you to the individuals and groups that have welcomed me into their numbers as a writer of new media and old — Web Fiction Online, New Writing Media, How to Think Sideways and the WABWM crew. Thank you to the staff at Torquere Press, who gave me the opportunity to sell my first story this past year. Thank you to the friends and members of my family who have supported my endeavors. Thank you to all the rest of my family who would not support me, yet have remained blissfully ignorant of the woman behind the curtain. Thank you to the Universe, even as I shake my fist at it, for giving me the time I have with the ones I love, however short it may be at times.

Say thank you while you have the chance, everyone. Time passes before we know it and leftovers never last as long as we think they will.

Writing with a turkey in the oven,

Joyce Sully

Published by Joyce Sully

Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real. So she writes stories. Really, what else could she do?