Goodbye and Hello, New Years 2014

To my Readers, to my Colleagues, to my Friends:

Today I say farewell to the year that nearly killed me. Over the course of January, I will be posting (rather a lot) about just how it tried to do that. Much of this year has been an agony of sorrow and uncertainty. Never before have I been so eager to say goodbye and good riddance to a year.

And yet. This is also the year that gave me my first self-published, for-sale collection of stories. This is the year that gave me a mailing list full of people I am so glad to have at my side. This is the year that gave me a shop and a tumblr and a renewed sense of creative purpose and energy. How can I regret a year like that?

To all those who stood by me this year, in little ways and big: thank you.

Thank you for feeding me dinner when I hadn’t eaten all day. Thank you for leaving comments (or trying to) when I had technical difficulties on the site. Thank you for playing and working with me on forums as I learned how best to serve my craft. Thank you for writing me poems and answering my questions and reblogging my photos. ┬áThank you for showing me, in my tiny, sometimes isolated life, there is affection and loyalty and hope.

I believe I can only go up from here.

I have big plans for 2014. Team Hotel ‘verse will get more stories written and published, including a book-length collection. One of those will be (I hope) available in a print edition along with the usual electronic formats. Writing will happen alongside moving and remodeling and learning my way around a new county (see January for the full story of that). So I will be busy and stressed, but it will be work and play I choose for myself, and I will do it with joy.

I hope to see you around in the new year. I hope you enjoy what I have planned as much as I do. I hope to hold onto you, the best that 2013 had to offer me, even as I move on from the worst it could dish out.

With hope and against all odds, I remain sincerely,


Published by Joyce Sully

Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced her next-door neighbors are real. So she writes stories. Really, what else could she do?