Future Post – 199, and gnashing of teeth

Hmph. Not very satisfying, that word count of mine. I had yet another out of the house day, this time to retrieve one of our horses from the track, where he was supposed to be training to race but instead was an epic fail. It meant I spent the vast majority of the day in the truck. By the time I got home, I was wound up from watching him to make sure he was calm — he had loaded poorly and we were worried.

I admit I am making excuses. I made excuses when I came home too. Admittedly, this resulted in the creation of a cute little pink and gray stripe bunny made out of a knit glove. And I started making a peacock sort of bird out of a black one. I still have to finish stitching on the beads for the feathers, then I can stuff it and finish it. Er, right, what was I saying? Oh, yes, meaningful work…

I’m feeling stymied by this working review. I just can’t seem to get in the swing of it. And I am feeling increasingly stressed out about NaNo, since I have yet to do any good planning for it.

Tomorrow, I have another class with Crispin Freeman. I am taking his beginners voice acting workshop. It was recommended to me very strongly by another writer and I am really hoping that it can help me with this voice issue I keep having. I think I am sort of holding myself back from my fiction because I have the hope/delusion that once I go through this class, I will magically be able to make these characters work. Dumb, maybe. I also just want to get to bed early tonight so I’m not slagged for tomorrow, so the 199 will have to stand.

And I just discovered that my computer has a new and exciting type of malware mauling it. So I’m off to fix that. Bloody hell.

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