Full of Win!

(Warning: Stupid and happy babble to follow; may abuse the word “awesome” and parenthetical statements. Read at your own peril.)

With the caveat that I hate horse racing, today was awesome. First and foremost, it is awesome because my Little Red Horse* is safe and sound and unhurt. But of course, it is also awesome that, at five years old and after being in training for an uncomfortably long time, LRH entered his first race and WON LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Ahem.

My LRH is mine because I was there since he was born (I am the official security blanket for our horses), I named him (trivial, I suppose, but as a writer, I can craft a damn good paper name–much better than the rest of my family), and I trained him (though not singlehandedly, but let’s not split hairs while I’m enjoying myself), and he made good. He’s little and he’s sweet-tempered and he’s a nobody from a nobody family (mine, that is, not his bloodline, which is respectable) and he bloody well proved his point. And he did it with flair, coming from behind and squeezing through a hole in the pack that wasn’t really there. Did I mention it was his first race? Did I mention the awesome?

My only question is this: can he come home now? Please? I don’t mind if he retires after one race. Seriously, point made, money earned, good time had by all. I just want him to come home in one piece. God, I hate racing. This is not my choice of sport. In fact, I favor naked one-handed alligator wrestling over horse racing. LRH should not have to risk life and limb like this. (It’s possible I’m over-protective. I accept this about myself.)

Oh, and on top of the awesome, may I also mention the part where he paid a nice bundle on bets? That’s always fun. LRH is about our…third horse to win on his first time out. We’ve had others that did okay; we’ve had a couple of ones we did not raise ourselves that had respectable careers. But LRH is ours. Mine. Awesome.

I should go to bed now, as anything more I say will just consist of repetitions of the word “awesome” and I’ve used up my quota for the next year. But oh, what a day to use them on. Awesome. Good night, folks.

* Name changed to protect the awesome

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