Day off? What day off?

Ooh, what happened? Friday was supposed to be the start of my weekend? Really? Then why the hell did I write 535 words for Working Review #2 and 502 words of plotting for HoC? I got all wrapped up in what I need to get done over the next week and change; I didn’t even notice what day it was. It’s something of a happy accident, however, because there’s another horse show Sunday. And I know what I’m like after shows. I will curl up and die for whatever remains of the day, creativity need not apply. With that in mind and my looming, god awful, admittedly self-imposed deadlines, I think I’ll probably do a spot of work tomorrow.

Mm… after Saturday morning cartoons though. Oh, I’m so serious. I love cartoons. Though most everything on CW right now is rotten. But there will be some quality brain-rot in my house tomorrow. I’ll break out some anime DVDs if I have to. Animation will be had and it will be cheerful, dammit. Maybe a little Omishi Magical Theater.

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