Are my horns showing?

I just wasted an hour, when I should have been writing HoC, writing a review on Incidentally, I am a Goodreads author (oh, that is just such a weird feeling). After obsessing over the review, I ultimately chickened out of posting it. I need to sleep on it. I fear it was just a little more hell-fire and damnation than I maybe needed. It was a review of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. I received a sample booklet of it at Comic-Con 2009, fell in love, then made the mistake of reading the rest of the book. Never before have I actively hated a book. But. I need to let it go for now. Whoo. Deep breath.

I am once again within striking distance of being on-track for NaNo. Ugh. I can’t seem to catch a break with it this year. I am also tinkering with what I want to do for the Dec. 2 Working Review, which I need to write during the course of November. I think I want to do something related to description. Everything with HoC is very sparse, which is how I want it, but I long to indulge in something properly florid.

I also long to read fiction again, which I keep promising myself I will do if I reach my daily word goal. But every time I do, it’s so late that I can’t stand to stay awake. If I’m asking why on earth I’ve committed to doing this again, it must be week two. Here’s hoping I survive long enough to get over it.

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