2559 words and a submission

The words are on the next HoC episode, which is coming along great, if far, far too long. I generally shoot for eight scenes, but this one requires a ninth. On top of that, every scene is running over 700 words. I’m going to have to cut a lot to get it down to size and it will still definitely be the longest episode yet.

The story is getting down to the end. There are four episodes remaining and I am being very careful to build up my head of steam for the conclusion. The tension is great and the words are just flying. I’m fluctuating between being delighted and heartbroken to reach the end. On the one hand, I’m very ready to move on to other projects. The majority of my creative energies are directed into HoC at the moment, but there are a lot of plans I have simmering that I look forward to. But I’ve also come to love this world and the characters living in it; part of me is contriving side stories and sequels that will let me revisit it.

As of #16, HoC is over eighty thousand words long and, when completed, should run at least one hundred thousand words. It is the longest thing I’ve ever written. To me, it is amazing for that alone. When I started this blog in September, 2009, I got the idea that I wanted to do a serial, something about several couples dealing with everyday life as much as the bigger, more adventurous parts, preferably with lots of cooking. To say that HoC has ended up being more than I ever imagined — more work, more fun, more important to me — is the understatement of the century.

In totally unrelated news, I have officially hopped genres and sent out my first science fiction story. The anthology is MutatioN Press‘s Music for Another World. Lumping science fiction and fantasy in with a miscellany of other possibilities under the term “strange fiction,” the anthology is about all the ways that humans (and maybe non-humans, too) interact with music. I have, as of the moment, received a favorable note from the editor, so I’m hoping my submission is in contention for the final cut. I hope to know for sure around the end of the month.

The story is “Turing Guessed Wrong” and it was a disgusting amount of fun to write. Having heard about Emily Howell, I knew I would have to write something inspired by the idea at some point in the near future. The story is all the things I love: it’s a family drama; it’s centered on daily life; it’s got belligerent teenagers and harried mothers. Actually, it’s a lot like HoC in those respects. If you like science fiction, especially the future of AI, biotechnology, and pop culture, and HoC suited you, “Turing Guessed Wrong” should be right up your alley. I’m delighted that it may appear in this anthology.

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