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Briefly, because I got four hours of sleep:

I finished the first draft of the still-unnamed novel about robots and runaways! There are some clever bits, but mostly it is rubbish. That is OKAY, because revision is a thing!

I’ll give it a week or so, then I’ll start in on revision. I’m giving it a shorter turnaround than usual, because I seem to lose interest if I wait longer than that. I still can’t decide if the breakneck pacing genuinely works for me or not, but I’ll just keep trying new things until I find an approach that sticks.

Oh, and if you’ve been following along with the video updates at all? I found a reason to use the DOGPILE scene. (I wasn’t gonna give it up without a fight.) It actually gave me some interesting material, but we’ll see how it plays out in revision.

And now, I need sleep and literally anything to think about EXCEPT this damn book.

Origfic Bingo Card 01-03-14

Aaah! I finally got up the courage to sign up for a bingo card. I picked the origfic bingo community to start with because they have rolling signups at the start of each month and a more relaxed structure. So! Here is my card:

passion playing hard to get exchanging vows childhood romance lost and found
nightmares exhaustion massage holding one’s ground promises made
betrayal bad news FREE SPACE change of pace pillow talk
forgetting wound(s) hatred romantic gift pet project
a favorite place keeping warm learning a skill cutting edge brand new

(The html gets a little squashed by WordPress, so you can also see the card here as an image.)

I plan to write mostly for my Team Hotel ‘verse. Some of the stories will be made available here to read for free. Some will be set aside for mailing list bonuses. (I’m working on getting a TH list ready for signups, so hang in there!) Some will be assigned to future TH collections and books, depending on how far in the future I end up writing. (Have I mentioned I already have about half a dozen books planned? Including an Alternate Universe collection? And a historical one? Ehehe…)

Prompts will be underlined as I fill them and linked to any stories made available. I know it’s early and no one has seen much of Team Hotel yet, but if you have a character you would love to see more of or a question about something that appeared in a previous story, let me know! I’ll keep it in mind as I write toward my prompts.

Because revisions

…were the only things that had any hope of getting done, that’s what I’m doing. I keep running into walls, particularly with Incognito. Every time I do, I think, oh, well, I’ll work on something else for a while and let that one stew. Which is fine–I think the path of least resistance is an underrated option–but I got fed up with never finishing anything.

So now I’m editing one of last year’s NaNoWriMo stories. This is a little bit of avoidance, changing projects again, but I like revisions and I have a better track record for slowly plugging away with them than I do with first drafts.

Part of this is that I really, really want–NEED–to get something finished, edited, and self-published. I could really use even the most meager of income streams right now. Not just for the money itself, which I fully recognize is not going to be a life-altering amount any time soon. No, what I need is the psychological boost of accomplishing a goal and the sense of even a little security and self-sufficiency. I don’t have either at the moment.

That’s where I am and why it’s been quiet here (along with being seriously ill for a couple weeks). At some point, I’d like to write about Anime Expo, which I went to at the start of July. For now, uh, I’m just really grateful that I’m getting something done each day.

Daily Snippet, 1-24-12

I ignored the kick in my stomach from the fear of being arrested, accused, found out. “They obviously don’t know who I am or I would have been hauled in already. They would have cause enough. If nothing else, just because I have your master key, doesn’t mean I haven’t been trespassing in quite a few residences.”

 “Just as you say. They don’t know.” He crossed his arms. “But I am less than comfortable with encouraging further scrutiny.”

 “I’ve been the very model of discretion. That was, after all, the reason you hired me.”

 “Moreover,” he added loudly, “I haven’t heard anything from you on the case. From my point of view, the issue is no closer to being resolved than it was when we hired you.”

from Incognito: the Vertical Street

I’m having fun being really unkind to my characters. Since I’m skipping around and leaving out scenes, they’re not even getting the full force of it. I’m sketching out the whole plot, beginning to end, before filling in the missing parts. So right now, I’m going through the final clues leading up to the climactic scenes. Which means I’m at my most vicious. Friends are in danger, allies turn their backs, and not even home is a safe haven. I’m a mean, bad person and I LOVE it.

The next part up will be the resolution, when the bad guys get their punishment. I don’t even have to feel bad about that part, so things are looking up.

Daily Snippet, 1-21-12

I admit, the pause that followed surprised me. I felt a little hurt. I had come there with no doubts that Nelly would take us in. She finally said, “Yes, okay, except no, you have to wait while I get a scanner out.”

“Scanner?” Pike repeated.

I grimaced. “Ah. Nelly’s a little particular about what she lets into her personal space. It’s fine. I think.”

from Incognito: the Vertical Street

There’s just something about Nelly that I love. She’s a little bit Sherlock to Morgan’s Watson, even if Morgan is the detective. Nelly is brilliant and eccentric and loyal. She can also be off-putting and amoral and high-strung. She and Morgan have both made a point of carving out lives for themselves in a society that is not terribly kind or accepting of them, but Nelly is far more ostentatious. She wears her weirdness as a badge and a shield and one of those hand buzzers from a joke shop. She also gets all the best toys and who can resist that?