Winter Photo Dump

The end of the year was…complicated, mostly due to my father nearly dying of a heart attack. (He’s doing quite well now.) I wasn’t really a functional human being, but I did get my camera out a couple times. November: The first of the winter succulents to bloom: a species of Madagascar aloe.     Various […]

March Wildflowers

I visited the Santa Margarita Wildflower Festival, a small to-do in a semi-local town. I’ve now got several packets of California-native flower seeds, which will be lovely additions to the existing collection on the property. Thus inspired, I took a few photos of what’s blooming at home right now. (Click to embiggen.) California Poppy Red […]

Trailer: Monsters of Our Own Making

  Photo and video sources, in order of appearance: All above materials licensed under Creative Commons CC0 “No Rights Reserved” Monster Making Theme song, video production, and all other materials (c) 2015 Joyce Sully


I love making maps. I will find any excuse to make a map for a project, no matter how small or unmapworthy. This can be depressing, because I cannot draw worth a fetid dingo’s kidney. But I just finished reading The Hobbit last week and I adore Tolkien’s maps. So I thought I would try […]