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Listen to the Epic of Gilgamesh

I’ve been listening to these readings of fragments from the Epic of Gilgamesh. I enjoy listening to mellow recordings while going to sleep. (It’s the best solution I’ve found for my insomnia.) These were pretty pleasant last night. I haven’t listening to any of the other hymns and poems yet.

What I love most is that transcripts and translations are provided with most of the recordings. Putting meaning, sound, and visual together at once makes for a more engaging experience. Of course, that’s not exactly the best trait in something meant to put me to sleep!

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

In the wee hours between January 3rd and 4th, the Quadrantid meteor shower will peak. Between a storm building up cloud cover and an early morning Monday, I may not be able to actually watch this. This live feed might be a good alternative, though, since it’s both elsewhere and earlier. Yay for remote viewing options!

The Quadrantids are delightfully weird. They’re named for a constellation that is no longer recognized. The stars still exist, of course. Essentially, we stopped telling that story and started telling a different one. The Quadrantids, blazing across a space that used to have a formal name, are astronomical relics of a story that got lost.

Experiment with Temporary Tattoos

The company Momentary Ink will create temporary tattoos out of uploaded art, letting you try out a design before committing.

I don’t have any strong desire for a tattoo myself. The cost is prohibitively high for most ideas I would consider worth the effort. Getting to play with a sheet of temporary tattoos, though, for a really reasonable price tag? Hell yes! Would also be an amazing option for cosplay and other costume uses.