HoC Episode 6: Out of Sight

George Ellison’s SUV chirped behind him as he locked it and walked through the parking lot to his building. The headset of his cell phone glowed faintly blue by his ear. “Try ruling the world,” he said. Susanna’s voice sounded as though it was inside his head with him. “I know. Maybe tomorrow, then.” The […]

HoC Episode 4: Society’s Child

It is the private business of every changing-cat how and where they make their monthly shift, as well as what they do while human. There are a number of lockable rooms in the House of Cats, which afford privacy for those who desire solitude or, perhaps, just more exclusive company. But if you prefer to […]

HoC Episode 3: Festival of Black Cats

Heather set another stack of folders onto the desk with a thump and a cloud of dust. Then she dove back into the pile with a sneeze. Her mother had folders for taxes and folders for budgeting and folders for contracts. Some of them were labeled. All of them were stacked haphazardly around the office, […]