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Joyce Sully

Joyce Sully believes in magic and dragons and ghosts, but is not convinced their next-door neighbors are real. So they write stories. Really, what else could they do?

Joyce writes short stories and novels, songs and poems, scripts and instructions to feed the cat if they stay out late. They always thought they were a fantasy writer. Then they started writing romance and LGBT erotica. But hey, it was still fantasy settings. No problem. Then they started having these ideas–about nanotechnology and space stations and alien immigrants. So it turns out they write science fiction, too. At that point, they decided labels only belong on their disorganized crates of paperwork and old clothing. Joyce writes things, mostly fun stuff, as much as they can.

All those ideas are sort of an issue for Joyce. They have too many of them and they’re not all about writing. They have ideas for hand-sewn plush toys and copper mobiles and stop-motion videos. So they decided the whole point of their life was to learn new things and mash them all together and make something wonderful.

Joyce lives in Central California. Moving there made them consider a career change: engineer developing teleportation technology. In an alternate universe, they raise and train horses, one of the oldest ways of getting around after our own two feet. Joyce pines for the future, but they plan to drag a few pieces of the past along with them.

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  1. Hi
    And a great change-up from all the zombie/wizard online fiction. We all like your concept. Picture a bunch of cats sitting around getting the creeps watching “Curse of the People People”

    Consider joining our network for “eWriters”…quick signup, plug in your RSS and links, discussions on web writing, ebooks, podcast, etc.
    It’s small and new…but you can help change that. :-

    Da Team

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